GIG Studio provides a wide range of studio services, including studio recording, remote recording, music production of bands & commercial uses and studio rental for rehearsals and shooting.


Studio A at GIG Studio is a 1000-square-foot facility with a 400-square-foot recording room, control room and percussion room. 

Recording Room
The 400-square-foot  recording room is carefully designed with sound acoustic optimisation. Equipped with room-in-room isolation, quiet AC systems and movable sound panels, this recording room is suitable for recording and shooting.

Control Room
Equipped with a number of top-tier monitor speakers, including Genelec 8351A, 7370A, 8330A , our control room is suitable for recording and mixing projects, including Dolby Atmos, 5.1 or 7.1 surround mixing and immersive mixing.

Drums Cabinet & Percussion Room
We have a comprehensive collection of drums, cymbals and percussion instruments to cater to different needs for various music genres. 


Studio B at GIG Studio is a 1000-square-foot facility with a recording room, control room, production suite and lounge. You may enjoy your Grand Piano, Vocal & Instruments recordings, mixing & mastering with assured exquisite audio quality. 

Recording Room
The recording room is built with acoustic treatment.  Equipped with a 7-feet Fazioli Grand Piano, room-in-room isolation, quiet AC system and movable sound panels, this recording room is suitable for grand piano, vocal & instrument recordings.

Control Room
The control room was designed by the renowned acoustic engineer Tom Hidley.  Equipped with room-in-room isolation, quiet AC system and award-winning monitor speakers, this control room is suitable for recording, mixing and mastering.

Fazioli 7-feet Grand Piano
The excellent balance between treble and bass and the wide dynamic range of our Fazioli F212 7-feet Grand Piano makes it suitable for different recordings. 


Recording Services & Studio Rental

  • Acoustic & Electric Guitars Recording
  • Bass/ Double Bass Recording
  • Grand Piano & Keyboard Recording
  • Percussion Recording
  • Strings Recording
  • Woodwind & Brass Recording
  • Choir Recording
  • Chinese Instruments Recording
  • Ethnic & Other Instruments Recording
  • Voice Over (V.O.) Recording

Music Production

  • Music Production for Bands
  • Music Production for Independent Artists
  • Music Production for Marriage Proposal, Weddings & Banquets
  • Music Production for Schools, Companies, Corporates & Institutions for Events,
  • Anniversary, Celebration, Meetings, Banquets, Annual Dinners & Competitions
  • Jingle & Song Production for Advertisements and Radio Programmes
  • Scoring for Advertisements, Dramas and Films
  • Music Performance


  • Editing
  • Vocal Tuning
  • Mixing
  • Foley & Sound Effects
  • Signal Processing
  • Stereo/ 5.1 Surround / 7.1 Surround/Dolby Atmos Mixing
  • Mastering

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we can ensure that your time spent at GIG Studios will be like no other. We provide an audio engineer for every session to ensure that your setup and recording process is a memorable experience.


Musical Instrument
Guitar Pedals / Amp.





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