Studio B at GIG Studio is a 1000-square-foot facility with a recording room, control room, production suite and lounge. You may enjoy your Grand Piano, Vocal & Instruments recordings, mixing & mastering with assured exquisite audio quality. 

Recording Room
The recording room is built with acoustic treatment.  Equipped with a 7-feet Fazioli Grand Piano, room-in-room isolation, quiet AC system and movable sound panels, this recording room is suitable for grand piano, vocal & instrument recordings.

Control Room
The control room was designed by the renowned acoustic engineer Tom Hidley.  Equipped with room-in-room isolation, quiet AC system and award-winning monitor speakers, this control room is suitable for recording, mixing and mastering.

Fazioli 7-feet Grand Piano
The excellent balance between treble and bass and the wide dynamic range of our Fazioli F212 7-feet Grand Piano makes it suitable for different recordings.